Can Dog Eats Guava?

Can Dogs Eat Guavas

Dogs can eat guavas but only in the right proportions. Feeding your dog with too much guava may have untold effects. Also, your dog is better off not eating some parts of the fruit or if it has an allergic reaction.

As a dog owner, I am to provide my dog breeds with the best nutrition. In this process, I’ve discovered that guavas can have different effects on a dog due to several reasons.

Guavas of the right amount can be a great nutritional addition to your dog’s meal. However, your dog may get sick eating the fruit improperly.

In this article, I present verifiable information that provides answers to every dog owner’s questions on guava; let’s get started.

Is Guava Safe for Dogs?

Yes, if you have guavas around, they are a very good source of nutrients for your dog. Giving your dog the right amount of guavas would support his internal organs and keep him healthy. Just ensure that the amount of guava you give your dog is safe.

Also, some dogs could be allergic to guavas. If your dog is allergic to guavas, keep them out of his diet. When introducing him to guavas for the first time, give him a tiny portion and observe him. If he shows any allergy symptoms, you know he is allergic, and if he doesn’t show any, you can keep feeding him guavas.

The Benefits of Guavas for Dogs

Guavas have lots of nutrients that could boost your dog’s health. They have vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and fibers. Let me give a more detailed look at how these nutrients are good for your dog.


Guava is rich in Vitamins A, C, and K. These vitamins would help your pup build stronger bones and teeth. It would also keep his immune system functioning perfectly.

I always give my dogs guavas when they have just undergone some serious medical intervention; it helps them through the stress and aids recovery.


Magnesium helps your dogs’ heart work perfectly and supports muscle movement. Insufficient magnesium is dangerous for your furry friend. 


Guavas are rich in potassium too. They help to keep your dog’s organs healthy and working perfectly. They also help break down food as part of the digestion process.


Sodium helps dogs’ muscle function and is recommended for keeping their blood pressure stable.


Fibers also support the digestive system of dogs and help give them smooth bowel movements.

Dangers of Your Dog Eating Excess Guava

Yes, guava can be harmful to dogs. Nutritious green guava can become detrimental to your pup when you feed him too many of them in a small space of time.

Guavas are also rich in carbohydrates and sugars. These nutrients have advantages in a dog’s body, but they can be harmful when taken in excess. If you stuff your dogs with guavas daily, they are likely to have stomach pains, or it could result in diarrhea.

Also, guava seeds have a small shot of cyanide. If you give your dog loads of these, especially a young pup, he will develop medical complications.

Remember, guavas are dangerous when they are taken in excess. If you give your dog a moderate amount, they would be great for his health. Your dog’s size would determine how much guava is safe for him. My basic rule is to give them guavas only once a week.

How Many Guavas Can Dogs Eat?

Guavas could be beneficial, but they could be dangerous if taken in excess. The amount of guava a dog should eat depends on the dog’s size. As a dog owner, you have to determine what applies to your dog. Generally, bigger dogs can take bigger portions safely.

I add guava to my dog’s weekly diet once a week, and this should be good enough for all dogs.

I also give my small dogs small guava slices, and the bigger ones get bigger treats, but I keep it at once every week for all my dogs.

What Parts of Guavas Can Dogs Eat?

We’ve established that your dog can safely eat guavas. Guavas have different parts and have been mixed into other products that we have available today. I’ve highlighted a few of them here. Let’s see which ones are safe or unsafe for your dogs.

Parts of Guavas

Can Your Dog Eat Guava Seeds?

Guava seeds can be safe for your dog if you do not feed him too much of it in a short period. Guava seeds have a small shot of cyanide that could be harmful. But then the amount is so small that you must have been giving your dog too much of it before it begins to give him problems.

Guava seeds are more likely to be dangerous for young pups, so dog owners are advised to remove the seeds when they want to feed puppies. If you do not give your dog too much guava, he would be fine with some guava seeds.

Can Your Dog Eat the Guava’s Rind?

Yes, dogs can eat the skin of guavas; in fact, it holds some of the guava’s nutrients. Not all dogs are attracted to the green look of the guava. I’ve taken care of dogs that do not like eating guava skin; I simply peel off the skin, cut up guava, and give it to them.

Can Your Dog Eat Guava Leaves?

Guavas leaves are similarly rich in nutrients. However, it is not safe to feed your dog with raw guava leaves. Instead, you may boil the leaves in addition to your dog’s main treat.

Studies have shown that boiled guava leaves treat diarrhea in dogs. Nevertheless, you’re better safe than sorry. So, watch how your dog reacts to being fed with guava leaves. Also, you should avoid letting your dog eat too many leaves. 

Can Dogs Eat Guava Paste or Guava Yogurt?

Guava Paste and Guava Yogurt could have lots of sugar in them, and you should avoid feeding them to your dog. You need to watch the amount of sugar in your dog’s diet; if it’s too much, it could be dangerous.

Fortunately, there are some flavors of guava yogurt that do not have sugar. They usually have a label saying that there is no sugar in them. Your dogs can take these and remain healthy.

Can Dogs Drink Guava Juice?

Yes, dogs can drink guava juice. But I avoid giving my dogs canned guava juice. Canned guava juice usually has sugar and preservatives packed with it. If you keep giving your dog this kind of food, it would have adverse effects.

When I want to give my dog guava juice, I make them fresh and give them moderate amounts. This way, they still enjoy the guava nutrients, and they don’t have to ingest lots of sugar.

How to Feed Your Dogs With Guava

If your dog is not taking too many of them, basic hygiene would be enough to ensure he is fine eating guavas. Here’s a step-by-step process to feeding your dog with guavas:

If your dog has not eaten guava before, you should not just give it to him whole. Instead, you need to make sure he is alright with it before he starts eating them whole. In this case, you could remove the rind or skin of the fruit. Not all dogs enjoy eating the guava’s green skin.

Remove the seeds before giving your dog guava. This is especially important for puppies to make sure they don’t choke or develop gastrointestinal problems.

When you want to feed your pup some healthy guava, cut it up in small bits, so it gets this nutritious fruit as a ready-made treat.

Can Dogs Be Allergic to Guava?

Yes, a dog can be allergic to guavas. I have cared for animals that have been allergic to guavas in the past. You need to be careful while introducing your dog to a new fruit, including guavas.

Feed your dog guava in small bits when trying out guavas for the first time and observe him. If he starts showing symptoms of an allergy, then remove guavas from his diet. If, after giving him guavas, he doesn’t show any allergy symptoms, then you know your dog can eat guavas safely. Just remember not to provide him with too many.

Common allergy symptoms are discomfort, skin itching or inflammation, infections, vomiting, or diarrhea. Keep an eye out for any of these symptoms so you can feed your furry friend the appropriate fruits.

Can We Give Guava to Puppies?

Yes, you can give your puppies guava. Make sure you cut them into very small pieces and remove the seeds, so the puppy can eat them without choking. The nutrients in guavas would aid your puppy’s growth.

Also, note that the amount of guava you give your big dogs should not be the same amount you give a pup. Give your dog small, moderate amounts to avoid the fruit becoming harmful for your pet.

Final Thoughts

Guavas are a very healthy fruit that I always recommend to other dog owners. If you want your dog to remain healthy and grow adequately, you need to ensure that he takes the right nutrients through his food.

Guavas are a good source of those nutrients. However, you need to beware of giving your dog too much guava; it could be dangerous at that point. If you follow the tips in this article, you will find the right balance to feed your dog guavas safely.

Hattie Bennett

Hattie Bennett

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